Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time we are asked certain questions. To help save you some time, here are our answers!

We’re a Non-Profit, will you donate your services?

Unfortunately due to the high number of requests we are unable to donate our services. We will however provide a 10% discount to churches, and legitimate Non-Profits.

How far in advance should we book?

The earlier the better! Depending on the date, our calendar can fill up fast! The early bird gets the worm.

What is your payment policy?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, corporate checks and PayPal. Personal checks are accepted for deposits, but all final payments should be made via one of the other means. All payments should be finalized prior to the start of the event.


We require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking to hold the date of your event. The balance will be due prior to the event via Credit Card. Cash, corporate check, and PayPal are also accepted. If the event is booked with less than one week’s notice, the entire payment will be due upon booking.

What is your policy on tipping?

This greatly depends on the event! Most times we neither solicit tips, nor reject any tips offered. Entertainment is a service industry so some people feel inclined to tip, and those are always appreciated, but we do not expect them.

Certain times tipping is encouraged as that is the only way we are paid for those events, or the organizers have been given a very deep discount in exchange for us accepting tips (usually balloon twisting at large fairs/festivals, or restaurant work) In these instances it will be made obvious that tips are appreciated by either a tip jar, or a visible button or pin on the performer.

What is your cancellation policy?

Although all deposits are non-refundable, if the event is cancelled prior to one week before the event, or because of an emergency (hospitalization or death in the immediate family) or an Act of God (tornado, fire, flood, etc) the deposit may be applied to a future date if available. If the event is cancelled with less than a one week notice, the entire balance will be due.

How long do your balloons last?

Normally helium balloons will last about 12 hours before they start to droop and look bad. All of our latex helium balloons* come treated with Hi-Float, which will keep the balloons floating and looking brand new for up to two weeks! This is very helpful and allows you to decorate the evening (or days) before your event and still have great looking balloons! It greatly reduces your stress on the morning of!

Big box party stores charge up to 50 cents extra per balloon for this treatment, ours is included at no extra charge!

Our air filled balloon decor can last up to a month before it needs replaced. We do not normally include Hi-Float in air filled designs, but it can be added for an additional cost, making the decor last two months, or possibly even longer!

*excludes balloon releases

Why do some balloons lose their shine and look velvety?

Just like steel will begin to rust when exposed to the elements, latex can also oxidize when exposed to direct sunlight, or heat. This is a normal process, and if the balloons are going to be outdoors, or near a heat vent, it is almost a guarantee. In most cases, it does not affect the normal life of the balloon. To help slow down the oxidation process, we can add “balloon shine” for an additional fee.

Are your balloons eco-friendly?

We use Qualatex brand balloons, which are the highest quality balloons available. All of our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable, and break down at about the same speed as an oak leaf. For balloon releases, or an ‘escaped’ helium balloon, the helium will take the balloon so high in the atmosphere that it will freeze, and the pressure will burst the balloon into tiny fragments about the size of spaghetti. This size eliminates virtually all danger from the balloons until they can naturally break down.

Mylar or foil balloons are not biodegradable, and should not be intentionally released outdoors. Even though we are in Indiana and not required to, we still follow safe balloon practices and the California Balloon Law

​How can I become a clown?

Call or email us! We love to share knowledge and train new clowns!

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